Gr8r Add-Ons provides all of the phone, Internet and software "add-on" services that small businesses need, but can't get from their phone, service provider.  We offer the largest and most diverse suite of phone "add ons" in the telecommunications industry, including Virtual Auto Attendant, Virtual Voicemail, RCF- Remote Call Forwarding, Virtual Call Recorder, OIVR- Interactive Voice Response, Backup Phone System, Mobile Phone System, Virtual Call Accounting, Voice-To-Text Transcription and more!

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Virtual Voicemail
Enables you to transfer calls to a specific mailbox and have separate mailboxes for each employee, department, etc.

RCF- Remote Call Forwarding
Enables you to keep your phone number when you relocate your business or switch to a new phone company.

Virtual Auto Attendant
Your incoming calls are automatically answered and routed to the right employee or department.

Virtual Call Recorder
Enables you to record both incoming and outgoing calls on your office and cell phones!

Backup Phone Service
Empowers you to protect your business from service outages, power failure and natural disasters.

Q&A IVR- Interactive Voice Response
Empowers you to automate Q & A type phone tasks, like pre-qualification, registration, order taking, enrollment, etc.

Outbound IVR- Interactive Voice Response
Enables you to automatically send out voice messages, like appointment reminders, updates, security alerts, etc.

Voice-To-Text Transcription
Provides 100% accurate human transcription your voicemail messages, dictations, and other voice recordings.

Virtual Call Accounting
Enables you to track your calls, so you can bill your clients for the time you spent with them on the phone.

Mobile Phone System
Enables you to turn your smartphone into a powerful, full featured, business class phone system!

Phone Service Add-Ons
"We've Got The Missing Features You Need"
"The Missing Features You Need"