Gr8r Add-Ons provides all of the Internet "add-on" services that small businesses need, but can't get from their Internet service provider (ISP).  We offer the largest and most diverse suite of Internet "add ons" in the telecommunications industry, including cloud communications "add ons" to empower you to use your Internet service to communicate, cloud computing "add ons" to empower you to use your Internet service to manage your data, and cloud video "add-ons" to empower you to use your Internet service for video meetings, video recording and Internet TV.

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Web Texting: Let customers text your business instead of calling, send text messages from your computer.
"Live" Text Chat: Engage consumers on your website and social media sites in "real-time" typed conversations.
Chatbots: Automate communication and interaction with customers on social media sites like Facebook.
Instant Messaging: Make the internal communications for your teams more efficient, effective and productive.
Virtual Fax: Use your Internet connection to send and receive faxes- go paperless.
Web Mail: Move your email communications to the cloud to integrate with other web based apps- get more done.
TMF- Text Message Forwarding:  Forward SMS text messages from your business number to your cell phone!


Contacts Manager: Manage your list of business contacts, including notes, tasks, schedules, messages, etc.
Task Manager:  Manage and monitor your employees' performance of routine daily tasks, duties and responsibilities.
Phone Message Manager: Manage phone messages left by callers on your voicemail or taken by your office staff.
SEO Manager: Manage your SEO data from one central place, including web spaces, content, backlinks, etc.
Sales Promotions Manager: Manage loyalty program, coupons, daily specials, contests, etc.
Referral Sales Manager:  Manage incoming referrals, outgoing referrals, and referral partner relationships.
Workflow Manager:  Manage implementation and compliance with workflow rules, processes and procedures.
Document Manager:  Attach documents, spreadsheets, photos, videos, etc, to the records in your online database.


Video Chat & Conferencing: Meet face-to-face with customers, co-workers, vendors, etc.
Online Video Recorder:  Record video for documentation, verification, check-in/out, etc from mobile devices.
Internet TV: Get the entertainment, sports, and news you need on any screen/monitor, computer or mobile device.

Internet Service Add-Ons
"We've Got The Missing Features You Need"
"The Missing Features You Need"