Gr8r Add-Ons provides many of the Internet "add-on" services that small businesses need, but can't get from their ISP (Internet service provider).

We offer the largest and most diverse suite of Internet "add ons" in the telecommunications industry, including, Web Texting, Web Mail, "Live" Text Chat, Instant Messaging, Virtual Fax and Video Chat, and Video Conferencing.

If you need any Internet "add-ons" for your business, click HERE to contact us today to get "the missing feature you need"!
Web Texting
Use your Internet connection to send and receive SMS text messages from your computer- not your cell phone!

Web Mail
Use more powerful, secure, and effecient tools to send and receive mail for your business over the Internet.

Browser Phone
Make phone calls on any Internet connected computer, laptop or tablet- no software or hardware required!

Instant Messaging
Use the Internet for fast, efficient, and productive team communication and collaboration.

"Live" Text Chat
Engage and interact with visitors on your website and social media sites in "real-time".

Virtual Fax
Use your Internet connection to send and receive faxes- go paperless.

Video Chat & Conferencing
Use your Internet connection to do face-to-face meetings with customers, co-workers, vendors, etc.

Dynamic DNS
Use dynamic DNS if you can't get a static IP address from your Internet service provider (ISP)

VPN- Virtual Private Network
Get the security and privacy you need to protect the data you send and receive over your Internet connection.

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"We've Got The Missing Features You Need"
"The Missing Features You Need"